Welcome to VIP Arquitectes
To give importance to your ideas is to project them, that you choose us to do it, is to value them.
Rehabilitation and interior design
We re-inhabit spaces, yes, we re-inhabit them, we make of those existing spaces a new experience of living them.
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New Projects
Live the experience of build your dreams.
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Offices and retail
We create spaces for companies that want to offer a unique experience to their customers, or simply want their employees to be at ease.
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VIP Arquitectes

VIP Arquitectes is an architecture studio that was born with the idea of bringing architecture and the figure of the architect to the people. Focused on providing people with a unique experience.

Equip VIP Arquitectes

A multidisciplinary team, formed by architects and designers focused on perfection.

We use the latest technology to make your decisions easier

Models, visualizations in 3D measurements and other resources, will allow you to understand and visualize what you want before deciding, and therefore, guaranteeing complete satisfaction once the decision has been made.

Realidad aumentada arquitectura

From your project we want to make an experience, and for that reason, every time you leave our store, you will go with one more part of your house, but above all, with the desire to return.

And the experience does not end when we give you the project, because in VIP Architects we also do architecture, and therefore, the best of experiences will begin once you begin to inhabit those spaces that we have jointly projected.

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