New Projects

Bellver de la Cerdanya
Caldes de Montbui
Castellbell i el Vilar
Castellbell i el Vilar
Parets del Vallès

Making a new project can often intimidate, and choosing which office should accompany you in this process is not easy. We know VIP Architects, and that’s why we created a nice sphere, practically as if it were a bar, since where better than in a bar to explain someone what you want?

We listen to you, we advise you, but above all we want this process to be remembered as one of the best things you have done in life.

We want to make it easy and that is why we will help each other with all the possible technology so that you can see and touch what you dream of. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, but a virtual environment, accompanied by models, will make you literally submerged in your thoughts.

In addition, if you want, not only do we take care of the project, but also the construction and negotiations with the bank if necessary, all to not alter your day to day.